Meaning and values those are the paradigms of the new age! 

Your companys current and future employees are looking for answers to three crucial questions: 

  •  Is there openness in communication regarding the companys goals and how these should be achieved? 
  • What possible courses of action will I have in my role? 
  • Can I identify with the meaning and do the companys values fit in with my personal value concepts? 

The mandatory expectation of a special appreciation is not just a phenomenon of Generation Y. Values shape the corporate culture and employees “latch on” to a company when they receive answers that are satisfying to them. 

Modern human resources work thus means the will to face your companys own personalitywith eyes wide openand to subsequently be willing to acknowledge the personality of the employee. This means understanding goals and motivations of todays and tomorrows employees, assessing them and taking them into account for the (long-term and costly personnel) decision  the easy way to success in the 21 st century!